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Phd: To Finish or not to finish  1



Doing your Phd means doing a research project for a number of years. These number of years are usually fixed. As a Phd candidate, you are supposed to start at a certain date and also to finish at a certain date. You sign a contract…it’s an official thing.

Supervisors monitor your progress and colleagues ask in which year you are or for how long you still have to continue.


If only it was that simple….

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How to get your article rejected ;-)  4

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When I raised a topic like this, I’m quite aware of your disappointment. It doesn’t make any sense at all  to work on a paper that is intended to be thrown away. In fact, I’m on my way as you are to get my articles published instead of getting them rejected. However, after being rejected several times by several different journals and with different articles, I realized my potential to do it the other way. For some people, getting their articles published is a piece of waffle; for me, getting articles rejected is easier than preparing a herring. I was thinking that perhaps sharing the experience with you can help you to reflect your own experience if you have the unexpected experience of being rejected, or your own plan if you are planning to submit your article to a journal, and re-evaluate your own potential: whether you want to do it this way, or the other way?

I’m not alone in talking about how to get articles rejected. Some editors also did that. With exceptional expertise of themselves and profound sympathy to the authors of rejected articles, they got their articles on how to be rejected PUBLISHED on peer-reviewed journals. Personally, I do not recommend you to read these articles, because if you truly want to get your articles rejected, with their exhaustive advices (including very smart ones like “don’t put your photos in the paper,” which I should try next time), you might end up with your articles PUBLISHED. And that’s for sure.


a way to peer review


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