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A week in the Life of a PhD student  0

Like I promised in my last post, this time I’ll tell you a little about how I spend my days. Since it’s Monday today, I’ll talk about what I did last week. I even kept some notes on a little post-it!



I actually started my Monday by doing some very useful tasks. I cleaned my desk and my outlook inbox. Even though I try to stay organised, my desk usually gets pretty messy. The picture below is a photo of my desk today, so my cleaning effort was futile. I’ll try again soon. IMG_1507


Monday is also teaching day at our institute. I wasn’t teaching last week, but because I supervise the research projects of student-teachers, there were plenty of research plans for me to provide feedback on.


The third big thing I did on Monday was think about an elevator pitch about my research subject and why it is interesting. My supervisor asked a few of us to prepare a pitch for a presentation on Friday. We also spent some time discussing what the presentation would look like.   Read more

Planning to do everything: reading, writing, but still…  0

Indira was so nice to share this with me after my previous post :-)
Indira was so nice to share this with me after my previous post 🙂

So, in my previous blogpost I shared with you some ways in which I cope with time.  And this blogpost will go further on it. For, it has turned out, that even with my ‘assistants’ (OneNote and Wunderlist) some things are still very hard to do exactly as planned/required/wanted.


At the moment I am still writing my first paper and some weeks it seems, I cannot write a word at all! It doesn’t have anything to do with not knowing what to write, but with:


  1. Not having time to write, or even
  2. Being ‘scared’ to write (yeah, you read well, scared, as in frightened, terrified)


No time? And what about planning….?

Yeah, I know, last time I said that time can be made… Read more