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Planning to do everything: reading, writing, but still…  0

Indira was so nice to share this with me after my previous post :-)
Indira was so nice to share this with me after my previous post 🙂

So, in my previous blogpost I shared with you some ways in which I cope with time.  And this blogpost will go further on it. For, it has turned out, that even with my ‘assistants’ (OneNote and Wunderlist) some things are still very hard to do exactly as planned/required/wanted.


At the moment I am still writing my first paper and some weeks it seems, I cannot write a word at all! It doesn’t have anything to do with not knowing what to write, but with:


  1. Not having time to write, or even
  2. Being ‘scared’ to write (yeah, you read well, scared, as in frightened, terrified)


No time? And what about planning….?

Yeah, I know, last time I said that time can be made… Read more

PhD: What did my first year teach me?  7

This post is a first of a track where
ICLON PhD students want to share
their trip on the PhD-lane with you.
Hope you enjoy it!


As I only now, after more than a year doing my PhD, start blogging, I thought this topic would be the best way to get you a bit up-to-date on what I do and how I do it…

My PhD started in August 2013 and I went head first into it, immediately. The project at the school started running and I had to start up my research directly in order to track everything that was going on. Starting my PhD with taking my time reading, thinking what ways to go, sorting out my materials etc. was not applicable to me. For me, this meant instant decision-making. Later, timeslots opened up

to contemplate what I had been doing the past time, how it went, and how it all relates to what I want to and will be doing.


‘Somewhere in your career, your work changes. It becomes less anal, less careful and more spontaneous, more to do with the information that your soul carries.’
Ben Kingsley

But I had to do it the other way around!

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